Offerings & Services

Getting Started – Quarterly Instructional Class

Some of you might be new or have little experiencing with barbell-based strength training. Some of you might be looking for a refresher on mechanics and dive deeper into the how and why of precision positioning in Weightlifting. We provide a quarterly 3-week instructional that teaches the fundamental skills and movements used in Weightliftings and have immediate carry over when integrating into our Team practice. Each session is designed to introduce mechanical awareness and help athletes gain familiarity and appreciation for critical positions that are common in weightlifting. Attendees will frequently review movements learned in previous sessions to ensure they learn how exercises build upon each other to integrate into the classic lifts. For folks that do not go through an assessment & evaluation for integration into our Team practice, we require attendance of our instructional class so that you familiarize yourself with the training environment, equipment, safety considerations, and general etiquette in a weightlifting training hall with multiple athletes.

Quarterly Instructional Duration Class Duration
$249.99 3 Weeks 90-120 minutes

Private / 1:1 Coaching

We offer personalized 1-on-1 training coupled with tailored programs for folks of any skill or ability level. Personalized training and programming can–and normally will–be created specifically to address your goals, your needs, based on your current fitness level. You and your coach will define a tight-knit relationship that supports you and where you want to go. 1-on-1 training is in-depth and demands a dedicated relationship between the athlete and coach. Contact us to schedule a consult!

Assessment & Evaluation — Joining the Black & Red Barbell Club Team

We offer an assessment & evaluation option to those who are looking to join our club and have the requisite knowledge and mechanical proficiency for immediate matriculation and integration. There is a one-time fee for those that take this option. If the coach performing the assessment & evaluation determine that additional instructional training is necessary, he/she will help determine what the right next step is for you. Please contact us for a time that aligns with both your schedule and ours!

Assessment & Evaluation Duration
$75 60-90 Minutes

Black & Red Barbell Club Weightlifting Team

Black & Red is a USAW-sanctioned team under the Maryland-Potomac Valley (MD-PV) Local Weightlifting Chapter (LWC). The B&R team is dedicated to the competitive aspect of barbell strength training, though we have many folks who use the competitive aspect to fuel their development in other strength sports, functional fitness sports, and traditional sports. We offer a general group training cycle that aligns with the LWC’s “Big Four” meet schedule during the calendar year. We also accommodate other meets within our LWC, regionally, and Nationally, as necessarily per each lifter. Individualized programming and development is provided and distributed amongst coaches based on fit and determined as necessary.

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Meet Coaching & Platform Handling

We wholeheartedly believe in helping athletes realize and fulfill their potential after hard training cycles leading up to a big meet. To honor our commitment to our athletes, we provide day-of meet coaching to keep you focused, healthy, and supported during competition. We will travel to the meets of your choice, support you leading up to and through weigh-ins, help you visualize and strategize success on the competition platform, and take you through cradle-to-grave platform handling including timing your warm ups and declaring attempts. Please contact us to learn more about our platform handling and meet coaching service!