Athletic Resources and Partners

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with some fine folks that support us in different ways. Below are some great resources to help you with your athletic career, your community-building, or your event execution.

Premier Performance & Rehab

PJ and his crew are the house body mechanics at Tyson’s Playground and arguably some of the best movement and rehabilitation specialists in the DC Metropolitan area. Their commitment to the craft of helping people understand not just the “what” and “how” of movement but, more importantly, the “why” is reflected by the number of people that entrust them to perform their magic that keeps bodies healthy. The diverse population at Tyson’s Playground allows them to see a variety of issues that come with a particular sport. Truly a blessing to work with them.

PS. Watch out for seminars & clinics we do in conjunction with Premier Performance & Rehab on the subject of accessing mobility and stability for weightlifting!

Visit them at or @premierrehabdc on Instagram.

9for9 Media

The folks at 9for9 are our resident media photographers for the yearly Black & Red Open we hold every summer. They are primarily focused on strength sports photography with a heavy emphasis on the sport of powerlifting. While powerlifting and Weightlifting are cut from the same cloth, they are unique sports in the way they must be captured. Adam and his crew do a masterful job capturing pivotal moments during a lifter’s performance along with the emotion that comes with being on the competition platform.

Check them out at or @9for9media on Instagram.


Joe and his crew at LiftCast.TV are our resident live streamers for the yearly Black & Red Open, but more importantly, the premier source for online coverage of the Maryland-Potomac Valley LWC’s sanctioned weightlifting meets. Through the ingenious use of commodity technology, good software development chops, and highly available speedy Internet connections, he has transformed the space of online streaming and made it accessible and available to folks who are looking to run events and make them accessible to people who can’t make it to the event.

Find them at or @liftcasttv on Instagram.