Success Principles

The Black & Red community is our greatest virtue and founded on our Success Principles. These Principles word hard, just like we do. Black & Red staff and members use them every day, whether we are discussing movement nuances, deciding how to develop new programs, or interviewing new clients. We uphold these principles so that our clients have the foundation to cultivate their success in any competition setting.

Perfection obsession: Every rep is an opportunity to perform the perfect rep.

Insist on the highest standards: We have fun, but we encourage and challenge everybody to productively be the best they can be, in and out of the gym.

Open minded, but skeptically curious: Treat all information as potentially useful information, but distill what really resonates with, and works for, you.

Dig deep: Like most good things in life, what we do is hard work. Learn to develop physical, emotional, and psychological resilience. Doing hard things is hard, but immensely rewarding.

Enjoy the dark place: You have to be willing to put in the work, and “suffer” now to be prepared for when it counts.

Vocally self-critical: Benchmark yourself against yourself, your peers, and the best in your weight class. Be willing to accept your flaws, so you can conquer them, and become stronger for it.

Raise the bar: Your high standards mean you should be constantly raising the bar on your performance, your knowledge, and your general acumen. Be an example, and constantly aim to be the best you can be, always.

Earn trust and trust your teammates: Be open-minded, listen, and help your teammates with humility and support. In and out of the gym, we are a family. Take care of your family.