The Pursuit of Barbell Excellence

Black & Red carries the mission of improving weightlifting proficiency, consistency of movement, and providing a foundation of knowledge that enables success in all clients and members. From the interested and curious to the competitive and world-class elite, younger, older, and everyone else in between, Black & Red strives to provide the tools needed to meet, and perhaps exceed, the goals of each client.

The Black & Red Barbell Club offers a broad set of comprehensive Olympic-style weightlifting, and Strength & Conditioning programs and services to empower individuals with competitive aspirations in weightlifting and other sports. Black & Red provides deep knowledge through virtuous instruction, rigorous coaching, and thoughtful program design to maximize athletic potential and performance.

Overall, Black & Red strives to support the development of your physical strength and fitness through the barbell with observable and measurable data, while improving your capacity for engaging life to your fullest potential. Our training methods prepare trainees for physical excellence coupled with emotional and mental vigor in any competition setting. Our core tenet is strength and health through adaptation and resilience.

Come join us and our community of committed individuals to embrace life through strength.