What kind of club is Black & Red?

Black & Red is primarily a club for competitive weightlifting practitioners who receive in-depth knowledge acquisition about their sport and supporting knowledge regarding human movement, safety, efficiency, and human sports psychology. We seek to teach our lifters to be athletes, foremost, and apply broad and deep athleticism towards the singular focus of Weightlifting.

These athletes train and compete in the classic lifts, better known as the snatch and clean & jerk. While competition is focused on the snatch and clean & jerk, athletes utilize various lifts/exercises to increase their power, efficiency, and precision, and carry these gains over to the classic lifts. Example exercises include variants of the classic lifts, squats, deadlifts, ab exercise, and so on.

We try to operate as a training hall–a communal space that allows folks the independence, flexibility, and freedom to learn, practice, and grow in their athletic pursuits. Within the this environment, we hold our team practices that are guided by a coach or an assistant coach (aka a “TA”). We approach our athletic development intellectually, if not somewhat academically. We stress being learn-it-alls along with developing an adaptive mindset and resilient constitution.

The club is also home to other sport and strength sport practitioners (E.g., Strong(man/woman), powerlifters, CrossFit athletes, Football, Baseball, and other sports) who utilize our teaching methodologies to augment their own athletic endeavors.